Consortium Review

Consortium is so close to being great that it almost hurts. So close. Just a little off. A few dollars past its overdraft that still leaves it writing cheques its execution only just fails to cash, making it somehow more frustrating than if it had shot for the stars and missed. It’s a game of long-overdue ideas and new blood that has no trouble taking a seat with the likes of Alpha Protocol, Sentient, and The Last Express in the circle of games that fully deserve to be remembered fondly, even as they cry out for a second chance to shine.

The premise – and prepare for things to get meta in a hurry – sets the tone pretty well. You’re you, as in you. Look down. There you are. You’re playing a game called Consortium, but not really. Instead, it’s a connection to another universe in the not-too-distant future, where graphics are a little dodgy and nobody notices colleagues strafing around as if controlled by WASD keys, created specifically for you to temporarily take over the body of a man called Bishop 6 – troubleshooter for a huge floating plane/command centre called Zenlil.

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