7 Last Man on Earth Movies Worth Checking Out

Some spoilers follow.

The end times, they are a-coming — this Sunday, actually, when Will Forte’s great new FOX comedy The Last Man on Earth debuts. And that’s gotten us thinking about all the other last men out there…

Will Forte’s The Last Man on Earth Reviewed

It’s a genre many of us at IGN love, so let’s break down a few of the other Last Man on Earth movies that are worth checking out. A quick note, though: While the Last Man movies almost always wind up not being about just one guy (other folks or mutants or monsters pretty much always show up), we’ve decided to keep this list to just the films that depict a character who is essentially the only guy left for at least part of the movie in question. In other words, while end-of-the-world flicks like Mad Max and Dawn of the Dead are of a similar ilk, they would not count for this list. But with that said, let’s take a look at some Omega Men. Speaking of which!

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