Kick & Fennick Review

You need to be a sure shot in Kick & Fennick, though maybe not in the way you’re expecting. You see, the unfortunately named hero Kick sports a rifle with enough oomph to propel his entire body high into the air. Not too shabby. He teams up with a flying robot with a wounded tail named Fennick at the onset, and from there, you use your rocket jump to explore a futuristic cityscape instead of conventional jumping. Kick & Fennick is as unique as it is challenging, continually pushing your skills as you overcome the many obstacles.

Things start out slowly as you’re given a chance to become accustomed to your gun-powered leaps. You can fire your gun twice before needing to land back on solid ground, where you automatically reload. So you have to figure out how to chain shots together without running out of blasting power while you’re still hanging in midair. Fire straight down to gain altitude and then form a 45-degree arc to gracefully soar through a slight hole in a wall. Or aim at an upward angle to shoot through an opening below you while the electrical wires are momentarily turned off. It requires a bit of dexterity to line up a perfect shot, but Kick & Fennick makes things easier by slowing down time while you’re fiddling with your aim. And then, once you do fire, the action flies back to real-time speed and you see how well your plan worked.

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