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Kidnapping Mr. Heineken Review

Kidnapping Mr. Heineken, directed by David Alfredson (The Girl Who Who Played with Fire), tells the true story of how, in 1983, a group of friends successfully kidnapped the wealthy beer mogul Freddy Heineken (yep, that Heineken), played by Sir Anthony Hopkins. If you’re not familiar with the account — which was also adapted into a book in 1987 and a movie starring Rutger Hauer in 2011 — I won’t spoil the outcome. I will say though, as an actual event, the story is pretty fascinating. As a movie? It has its moments, but ultimately the abduction of one of the world’s most powerful men is not as thrilling as you might think.

Jim Sturgess (21) and Sam Worthington (Avatar) star as the criminal ringleaders, Cor Van Hout (Sturgess) and Willem Holleeder (Worthington), who put together a team of would-be lawbreakers, played by Ryan Kwanten (True Blood), Mark van Eeuwen (Goede tijden, slechte tijden) and newcomer Thomas Cocquerel. Desperate and out of work, the guys stage a bank robbery — and get away with it — but it’s not enough. Instead of divvying up the cash, they decide to invest their loot into pulling off the kidnapping of a century.

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Unfinished Business Review

Unfinished Business means well, but it doesn’t work well. The new Vince Vaughn comedy that reteams him with his Delivery Man director, Ken Scott, wants to be two things: a ribald road trip comedy, and a heartfelt parental dramedy about bullying. Vaughn has played characters who’ve been both lewd and/or bullies before, but—surprisingly—he’s downright priestly in Unfinished Business.

I almost feel guilty for picking on this movie. It’s harmless. But that doesn’t mean it should be near humorless.

Jokes largely happen around Vaughn. His costars—Tom Wilkinson, Dave Franco, Sienna Miller, and Nick Frost—are tasked with most of the jokes. Sometimes they get them, but often times the material misses—but at least they’re trying. Vaughn is surrounded by hijinks, but his whole character arc is to be able to tell his kids, “it gets better.” That, and put them into private school, because apparently the only way to lessen bullying is to pay for smaller classes.

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FOX Developing Expendables TV Series

FOX is teaming with The Expendables writer/creator/star Sylvester Stallone to develop a TV series version of the action franchise – with the twist being that it would use legendary TV action stars for its mercenary team.

Per Deadline, Stallone is executive producing alongside Expendables producer Avi Lerner and NCIS’s Shane Brennan (who will also serve as series showrunner).

So who are we thinking here? The realm of TV action stars actually covers a lot of territory. More so than film perhaps. Everyone from Chuck Norris to Don Johnson to Kiefer Sutherland all the way to Jennifer Garner to Lucy Lawless to Sarah Michelle Gellar.

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Spider-Man: Freddie Highmore Wants to be the New Spidey

We know that a new Spider-Man will appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – likely in Captain America: Civil War – followed by a solo Spider-Man movie for Sony. We’re not entirely certain which Spider-Man will be hitting the big screen. The inital press release listed Peter Parker, but some subsequent rumors have indicated that it may be Miles Morales, rather than Parker, or at the very least a non-white actor playing the role. If those rumors prove true, then some of the current casting theories wouldn’t make much sense.

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Apple Watch: a mysterious 6-pin port opens up many possibilities

Apple Watch flying 001

There is a mysterious port on the Apple Watch that could be used to connect accessories such as a smart band or battery, reports TechCrunch. The outlet says that multiple sources have confirmed the wearable features a secret 6-dot brass contact used for diagnostics and direct access to the operating system.

Apparently the port is very similar to the Lightning port found on larger iOS devices, and is located inside the groove of the “bottom” strap connector slot. It’s believed that this portal is “absolutely necessary” to install the Watch OS during manufacturing, and thus it will be present on shipping versions of the wearable…. Read the rest of this post here

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Barclays: Apple could sell 54 million iPhones this quarter


Barclays is out with a research note on Thursday indicating Apple’s most profitable business is nowhere close to slowing down. Analyst Ben Reitzes, citing supply chain sources, says the Cupertino-based company is on pace to sell 54 million units in the March quarter, a year-over-year increase of 24 percent.
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Fifty Shades Passes $500 Million at Box Office

Universal Pictures’ Fifty Shades of Grey has surpassed $500 million at the global box office.

The film adaptation of E.L. James’ bestselling erotic novel, which cost only $40 million to make, has grossed over $350 million in foreign markets. That makes it Universal’s highest grossing R-rated movie of all-time internationally, according to Variety.

Domestically, Fifty Shades of Grey grossed $81.7 million in its opening weekend, making it the biggest Valentine’s Day weekend opening ever. The next weekend, however, Fifty Shades dropped 73%, grossing just $23.2 million.

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Steam Machine Models, Pricing Listed on Steam Store

Valve listed pricing for a variety of Steam Machine models on the Steam Store, some of which will be bundled with the Steam Controller at launch.

All models release sometime in November of this year, although Valve has yet to announce the exact date. The first among the listed models is the Alienware Steam Machine, which comes bundled with the Steam Controller –– all in all, the bundle is priced at $450 USD.


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Apple names Temple Run: Oz its new Free App of the Week


The exhilarating sequel to the classic endless runner with a Disney movie tie-in throw in for good measure, Temple Run: Oz is now available at no cost until next Thursday as part of Apple’s ongoing Free App of the Week promotion.

Released precisely on this day a year ago, this marks the first time Temple Run: Oz has been marked down to zero bucks on the App Store (regularly $1.99).

The game is based on the 2013 film ‘Oz the Great and Powerful’ and features the same great gameplay as the original infinite runner, with an Oz twist to it…. Read the rest of this post here

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