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Get Hard Review

Get Hard might be the stupidest, most immature movie to come out of 2015 thus far, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not funny. On the contrary, stars Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart give it their all in director Etan Cohen’s new buddy comedy, about an investment banker who prepares for jail time with the help of the guy who washes his car. Stereotypical by design and offensive by nature, Get Hard isn’t for everyone, but if you’re game for some crass, low-brow humor, Ferrell and Hart deliver the goods.

The premise is beyond asinine (and sounds suspiciously like the plot of Rob Schneider’s direct-to-video comedy Big Stan), but it’s simple enough. Ferrell plays wealthy businessman James King, who is wrongfully convicted of fraud at his company. With only 30 days before he’s sent to prison, he goes to his building’s car-washer, Darnell Lewis (Hart) — whom he incorrectly assumes has served time in jail — to teach him how to survive his 10-year sentence.

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Blu Studio Energy Review

Compared to the flagship-esque Blu Vivo Air, the company’s new Studio Energy phone is considerably more pedestrian in design. It’s chunky (10.4mm) and a bit heavy (6.35oz) for a modern smartphone, with a more conventional design and a rubberized, removable backing. But that’s because this budget phone’s big perk isn’t visible from the outside: it has a huge battery inside.


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