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Mortal Kombat X #5 Review

With such a large and eclectic kast, Mortal Kombat X at times feels overrun by its too many characters and too little time. It’s a promising sign then that issue #5 takes a different tack, creators Shawn Kittelsen and Dexter Soy splitting their sprawling tale into two easy to digest portions. It’s got action, it’s got intrigue, it’s got various forms of fire spewing disembowelment. And you know what? It’s pretty darn fun.

Following a recap (rekap?) of the book’s first arc, Kittelsen immediately checks us into two ongoing story lines. Each proves interesting in different ways. The allegiance between Sonja, Cage and Kotal Kahn, initially just a random stop gap in the search for Cassie, gets particularly exciting with the invasion of Goro’s clan. Similarly, the fated meeting between Scorpion and Sub-Zero plays out exactly as you’d expect, with fire burps and ice blasts aplenty. Kittelsen does a nice job balancing these two divergent tales, the more focused script allowing for more overall development. His dialogue definitely skews a bit over the top at times, but by and large issue #5 presents a marked improvement.

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Batman: Arkham Knight #2 Review

DC’s Arkham Knight prequel comic remains a solid way to fill the time until the game finally sees release. It picks up where Arkham City left off and explores the many conspiracies and alliances forming in the elad-up to the final part of Rocksteady’s trilogy. Unfortunately, this second issue is a little weaker than the first, mainly do to a fairly underwhelming opening chapter.

The chapter in question involves the Joker, as Batman watches his late enemy’s final video recording. Joker waxes at length about his past and his role in Gotham City, all of it very much nonsense and misinformation. The problem is that this material isn’t all that funny, nor does it shed much light on Joker as a character. At times the villain simply doesn’t sound right, particularly whenever he drops pop culture references. Why would he know or care about Derek Jeter’s baseball stats? All of this culminates in Joker’s final prank on the city, an act that’s surprisingly, disappointingly limited in scope.

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First Ever League of Legends OPL Final Is on Tonight

Following months of competition this season of the Oceanic Pro League for League of Legends will conclude tonight with a best-of-five series between Australian professional gaming teams The Chiefs and Dire Wolves this evening from 6PM AEST.

The winner will be crowned Split 1 Champions, collect AUD$16,000 in prize money, and will go on to represent Oceania in the International Wild Card Invitational in Turkey later this month (April 21 to 25). The Chiefs currently hold top position on the ladder, boasting 13 wins and 3-0 in the semifinals. Dire Wolves chalked up 11 victories and a 3-1 semifinal win.

You can watch the final below or tune in from 6PM AEST at  http://www.twitch.tv/riotgamesoceania.

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Check Out The Assembled Suicide Squad Cast

Update: Sources have told Latino Report that Jim Parrack will be playing a younger Deathstroke, Adam Beach will be playing Ravan and Ike Barinholtz will take on the role of Dr Hugo Strange. This has yet to be confirmed by Ayer or the studio.

Original story is below.

Director David Ayer has tweeted out our first look at the assembled Suicide Squad team.

The photo shows Will Smith (Deadshot), Margot Robbie (Harley Quinn), Jai Courtney (Captain Boomerang), Cara Delevingne (Enchantress), Joel Kinnaman (Rick Flagg), Viola Davis (Amanda Waller), Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Killer Croc) and others including newcomers Adam Beach, Jim Parrack and Ike Barinholtz looking happy and relaxed before a cast read through. Notably absent is Jared Leto, whose turn as The Joker is perhaps the most anticipated of all in the film.

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How Daredevil Changes the MCU

We’re mere days away from the release of the first of Netflix’s four Marvel series – Daredevil, which will be followed by Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and then the Defenders team-up. The introduction of the street level heroes on this platform opens up all sorts of interesting possibilities for the connected Marvel Cinematic Universe.

IGN was able to speak with Daredevil stars Charlie Cox (Matt Murdock/Daredevil), Rosario Dawson (Claire Temple/Night Nurse), Elden Henson (Foggy Nelson), Deborah Ann Woll (Karen Page), and the head of Marvel television Jeph Loeb about how this series will enhance and open doors in the MCU.

“We were thinking about The Avengers vs. The Defenders,” Dawson said, when asked how she felt their dark and gritty series would fit in with the larger MCU. “And I think it’s a different thing. When you’ve got that level of superpowers, the fighting is different, the stakes are different, and it has a grander feel. In that world, they exist in it, so they know it and it’s normal to them. But in reality when people are fighting and doing really bad, elicit crimes on the ground and there are guns and drugs – bones are going to break. People aren’t hitting each other and nothing’s going to happen because they’re indestructible. These are people. They’re vulnerable and you get to experience that.”

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iOS 8.3 patches another jailbreak exploit

Cydia iPhone 6

In addition to a lengthy change log of improvements, today’s iOS 8.3 release also includes several security patches. In fact, as MuscleNerd points out, the new firmware features 39 security patches, rivaling the amount found in the jump from iOS 7 to iOS 8.

Among the patches is one of particular interest, to us anyway, that is credited to the TaiG Jailbreak Team. It’s labeled CVE-2015-1087, and described as a backup bug that can allow an attacker to use the backup system to access restricted areas of the file system…. Read the rest of this post here

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Avengers 2: Strucker’s Conection to Ultron’s Creation Revealed

The link between Baron Wolfgang von Strucker and Ultron has been revealed.

According to Marvel Studios president Kevin Fiege over at Entertainment Weekly, Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) takes inspiration from Strucker’s (Thomas Kretschmann) work to improve his own in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

“Von Strucker was working on a lot of stuff, including robotics. Tony realizes, ‘

might be able to help me get over the hump of some of the AI stuff I’ve been working on.’”

To this end, Ultron (James Spader) comes about as a result of work that Strucker started and Stark finished.

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