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Agents of SHIELD: “The Dirty Half Dozen” Review

Note: Full spoilers for the episode follow.

Serving as the lead-in to a certain Marvel movie opening this week, “The Dirty Half-Dozen” was a fun episode that while a bit contrived in how it re-assembled the show’s original team (come on, why not send the highly capable, and non-injured Bobbi on this mission too? Or anyone else from Gonzalez’s team?) still was enjoyable as far as seeing this particular group finally back together, given a lot had changed in the interim.

And yes, Simmons being the one actually intent on killing Ward for all he’d done was a notable and effective turn of events – though why she couldn’t just, you know, shoot him wasn’t clear. Though disintegrating someone did make a cool visual, to be sure, as Bakshi would prove when he ended up her victim instead, after interfering.

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