Razer Blade (2015) Review

PC gamers are a demanding bunch. We want our platform to be quiet, powerful, and good-looking, but we often (gladly) trade some style points for sheer horsepower. With its updated Blade laptop, Razer lets you have all three with little sacrifice: this 0.7″ notebook is loaded with premium hardware, making it one of the most portable and powerful gaming laptops we’ve ever tested.

The Razer Blade has actually been around for a few years, but it’s been regularly upgraded with new parts to keep it on the cutting edge of technology. This version sports a few major upgrades that almost make it an entirely new laptop compared to previous incarnations. The biggest upgrade is in the GPU department, as it’s now rocking the all-new GTX 970M Maxwell GPU from Nvidia with 3GB of RAM. Razer claims the addition of this new GPU allows for a 50% performance increase compared to the Kepler-based GTX 870M used in the previous model. Nvidia also claims the mobile variants of the GTX 970 are just 25% slower than the full-figured desktop part.

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