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Barely Lethal Review

Barely Lethal, starring Hailee Steinfeld as a secret ops teen-sassin who longs for a normal high school girl’s life, felt like it had the potential to be something great, but – as demonstrated within the film’s own title – it never managed to rise above its own lazy, mediocre jokes.

From Fanboys’ Kyle Newman, Barely Lethal boasts some impressive names (Samuel L. Jackson, Jessica Alba, Game of Thrones’ Sophie Turner) but is cursed with a confused tone, painfully predictable twists, and – wouldn’t you know it? – impressive names who aren’t really all that good at comedy.

Steinfeld plays “Agent 83” of the Prescott School, an off-the-books assassin training center for orphan girls. Think the “Black Widow” program but played for laughs. And picture Sam Jackson, who plays Instructor Hardman, scolding a six-year-old for accidentally setting off a bomb she was meant to defuse. Well, during a mission to apprehend the gorgeous and lethal Victoria Knox (Alba), 83 falls behind and uses Hardman’s “I’m not in the rescue business” M.O. as a chance to fake her own death and attend high school as an exchange student named Megan.

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Spider-Man: Marvel’s Final 6 Contenders Revealed

Marvel Studios reportedly screen-tested six young actors today for the title role in their Spider-Man reboot.

According to THR, the following actors tested Saturday for the role of teenage Peter Parker: previously reported frontrunner Asa Butterfield (Ender’s Game, Hugo); Tom Holland (The Impossible); Judah Lewis (seen in this fall’s Demolition); Matthew Lintz (Pixels); Charlie Plummer (Boardwalk Empire); and Charlie Rowe (Red Band Society).

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Don’t Miss These 8 Awesome Figures

We sat down to get a detailed look at some of the greatest figures and statues we’ve obtained in the month of May. These range from Transformers Combiner Wars to a Life size statue of Geralt of Rivia. There may even be a Pikachu Plush. Check them out below!

Probably the largest figure IGN has ever unboxed, this Geralt of Rivia from the Witcher 3 stands almost 6 feet tall, sword in hand, and fighting off a nasty looking hag.

Nintendo stepped up their game when they crafted the Splatoon Amiibos. They’re great use of color and high detail wows and is sure to please any Amiibo collector.

Thanks to the newest editions to the Combiner Wars set, you are now able to combine these Transformers to create the original Superion and Menasor from the 90s.

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Apple Watch: the inconsistent frequency of heart rate measurements is a feature, not a bug

iOS 8 Health Apple Watch incosistent readings

Since the release of Watch OS 1.0.1, users have reported that the frequency of heart rate measurements was less consistent than before the update, but in a support document updated today, Apple notes that it is an intended feature, rather than a bug…. Read the rest of this post here

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Hulk Battles Cap in Canceled Marvel Fighting Game

Several years ago, EA Chicago was working on a Marvel-centric fighting game that was ultimately canceled. Now, early footage of the title has surfaced online.

YouTube user PtoP Online has an extended look at gameplay of the would-be fighter (via Kotaku), which features an intense fight between Hulk and Captain America. Give it a look below.

EA Chicago was developing the fighter for last-gen hardware, but in 2008, Marvel and Electronic Arts called the whole thing off, citing a change in “Electronic Arts portfolio strategy” as the primary reason for terminating the partnership.

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Amazon Listing For Next Skylanders Game Appears

Listings have appeared on Amazon for Skylanders SuperChargers, the rumored next entry into the Skylanders series.

The listings jibe with earlier reports that the upcoming Skylanders game will feature vehicles as part of the gameplay. The starter pack entries list the game, Portal of Power, two Skylanders SuperChargers, Spitfire and Super Shot Stealth Elf, along with one Skylanders Vehicle called “Hot Steak.”

Entries for PS3, PS4, Wii, Wii U, and 3DS versions of a Skylanders SuperChargers starter pack are 

with Xbox versions conspicuously absent.

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Spigen Apple Watch Stand: an elegant and affordable charging solution

spigen Apple Watch stand

Spigen has been on the forefront of Apple Watch accessories since the device was first available a little over a month ago. The company rapidly came up with a line of cases for Apple Watch, and they also made a stand that represents an affordable yet elegant solution for your desk or night stand.

In a brief review of the Spigen Apple Watch Stand, I’ll share with you what I like and don’t like about this simple accessory…. Read the rest of this post here

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Review: HTC One M9 from an iPhone user’s perspective

HTC One M9 Review 01

The HTC One M9 is the latest flagship phone from HTC and it doesn’t divert from what has made the HTC One line stand out among other releases from Android OEMs. If the all metal Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge didn’t exist, then the HTC One would stand head and shoulders above the rest of the Android competition from a design standpoint. But even with Samsung’s recent change in design taste, the HTC One M9 is one of the, if not the best looking Android smartphone that money can buy.

As a full time iPhone user, I feel like I have a unique perspective to lend to those of you who may be interested in the M9, or those of you who just want to know how other flagship phones are doing outside of the Apple ecosystem. In this post, I’ll discuss 5 features that I love about the HTC One M9, and 5 features that aren’t so hot. Be sure to tune in to our full video review as well…. Read the rest of this post here

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