BoxBoy Review

BoxBoy builds a devilishly smart puzzle platformer out of a simple premise. Like any good puzzle game, it tosses lots of variety on top of an easy-to-learn idea, in this case revolving around a plain-looking living box that turns into more boxes. But what makes it a great game is how well the collection of puzzles comes together for over 100 stages, and beyond.

The core concept of BoxBoy couldn’t be any simpler: You play as Qbby, a small white box with tiny arms and legs. He can’t jump very far or high, but Qbby does have a surprisingly useful talent: he can replicate himself to create a string of boxes, an ability with clever applications like creating a bridge of boxes to safely cross over deadly pits, or building three-block staircases to  reach higher platforms. The early stages contain lots of easy levels that painlessly introduce us to these ideas.

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