Samsung and Oculus’ Latest Collaboration Is the Strongest Case for Mobile VR Yet

Less than six months after the release of the Gear VR “Innovator Edition” headset, Samsung and Oculus are iterating on their mobile virtual-reality efforts with the Samsung Gear VR for Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, which went on sale online today. We got a hands-on with it earlier this week, and based on our short time with it, it’s clear that while it’s not a dramatically different piece of hardware, Samsung has been listening closely to consumer feedback.

In terms of design, the Gear VR for S6’s shape has been tweaked some. The back straps have been angled down a bit more, the touch pad has been recessed so you can feel its borders more easily, and the back button moved to a centered position above the touch pad. The focus dial now has a wider range of diopter adjustment as well (all the way to -9). These changes are intended to make it more comfortable and easier to use the headset, but I still noticed the weight of the phone (and its battery) at the front, and I still couldn’t quite get the focus just right for my eyes. The view was clear, but always felt ever so slightly off.

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