Samsung Gear VR Review

Putting on the Samsung Gear VR for the first time is a really impressive effect—one with the potential to someday revolutionize the way we interact with virtual worlds. Beyond that, however, it’s too limited to be of much use in the long term, unless you’re a developer aiming to create your own apps. That’s who this “Innovator Edition” is aimed at, so it might’ve been more clear for Samsung to just name this what it really is: a developer kit.

Hardware-wise, this $200 headset is polished and simple to use. The Galaxy Note 4 (sold separately) that powers it clips in easily, and the connection via the USB port on the bottom of the phone automatically triggers the custom software (which is installed off an included micro SD card). Because dust can get on both the headset lenses and on the Note’s screen itself, wiping both with the included microfiber cloth before use is a must.

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