Sunset Review

The act of housekeeping sounds like a curiously mundane fit for a video game, but in its latest game Sunset, developer Tale of Tales has turned it into a welcome constant in a world of chaos. Sunset is a meditative and unnerving experience, and one I won’t forget quickly.

As Angela, a university graduate from Baltimore, Sunset tasks you with completing dull chores in a single penthouse over a series of days. I found these repetitive – the intricacies of the chores are boiled down to the click of a button – but as I quickly learned, that’s the point. The less I cared about folding clothes, the more I cared about the world around me.

Sunset is set in a fictional South American city at the beginning of the 1970s. There’s a loud revolution going on outside its floor-to-ceiling windows, yet Angela is cocooned in her wealthy trappings, and sirens and gunfire are only ever heard from a distance. Being so removed from the action encourages a sense of isolation and helplessness, echoed in Angela’s own inner monologues.

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