Welcome to Me Review

There are certainly moments within Welcome to Me, Shira Piven’s quirky account of a mentally unstable lottery winner, that play like a comedy along with elements in star Kristen Wiig’s own performance that may remind you of certain SNL bits she’s done. But the deeper you go into the character of Alice Klieg’s off-her-meds neurosis and narcissism, the more uncomfortable you’ll get. And the more the film becomes more than just a handful of silly outtakes involving Alice being bad, awkward, and grating on TV.

Because that’s also what this movie’s about. Television. And how our modern era of insta-fame can detrimentally effect someone living with borderline personality disorder. And how that person might latch onto an unhealthy outlet for their inner turmoil. Especially after they win $86 million in the state lottery like Alice does at the top of this story.

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