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Apple confirms Apple TV’s role as a hub for remote HomeKit functionality

Apple TV (HomeKit mockup)

We’ve known since CES 2015 the Apple TV would play a central role in Apple’s HomeKit ecosystem, dating back to October 2014 when HomeKit support first surfaced in an Apple TV Software beta.

Wednesday, a newly published Apple support document has acknowledged that the streaming box acts as a bridge between HomeKit devices and your mobile life…. Read the rest of this post here

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Destiny: The Taken King Expansion Evidence Leaks Again

The title of Destiny’s big expansion rumoured to hit in September seems have been confirmed as “The Taken King” thanks to US packs of Red Bull energy drinks.

Redditors spotted promotional codes on some packaging of the drinks, which offer bonus experience points and an “epic quest” in the as-yet unannounced expansion. The redemption site itself isn’t a dead link, either, but rather “under construction”.

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Doesn’t Have a Level Cap

CD Projekt Red has confirmed there is no hard level cap for Geralt in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Community lead Marcin Momot confirmed the news on Twitter, which means you’ll theoretically be able to master all of Geralt’s abilities and max out his Skill Trees if you’re persistent.

Of course, in practice it’s less feasible. While you’ll be able to grind your way as high as you want by fighting monsters, once a decent spread of quests and other map events have run out it’s going to be a long slow road.

Interestingly, Momot’s comments on Twitter have led to calls from many for a New Game Plus mode, so you can start again taking a different path through the game and taking on challenges that’ll reward a decent amount of XP. At the time of writing CD Projekt Red has yet to respond to these requests, though perhaps it has something up its sleeve related to the two sizeable expansions coming later in the year.

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Salma Hayek Kicks All Kinds of Ass in New Everly Trailer

IGN thoroughly enjoyed Everly when we caught it at Fantastic Fest last year, and with the film finally hitting British shores this month, we’ve got a brand-new poster and trailer to feast your eyes on.

Directed by Wrong Turn 2 helmer Joe Lynch, the film stars Salma Hayek as a slave who escapes her captors and systematically takes out the criminals sent to kill her. And more specifically, it’s basically Die Hard in a room.

Everly is already out in the States, hits cinemas and on demand in the UK June 26, Blu-ray and DVD August 10, and you can check out that new artwork and video below.


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Turn your iPad Air 2 into a mini laptop with Belkin QODE

Belkin QODE iPad Air 2 keyboard case

If you prefer the lightweight feel of the iPad Air 2, but wish you could type like you were using your MacBook Air, the best thing you could do for yourself is invest in a good quality keyboard case. Not all cases are alike. A smooth, comfortable typing experience is very important when you need to stay productive.

Belkin’s QODE Ultimate Pro is a fully loaded keyboard case for the iPad Air 2. The hard shell provides protection for your device, while the keyboard design provides a laptop typing experience…. Read the rest of this post here

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First Draft of Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is Written

James Gunn has written ‘FADE TO BLACK’ on the first draft of Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

The writer-director took to Twitter to share the news with a simple picture of the script’s cover page.

Phew. 1st draft #GotG2. #NoSpoilers #NotEventheTitle pic.twitter.com/Yd6mhpgLNe

— James Gunn (@JamesGunn) June 2, 2015

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Review: HazeOver dims background apps on Mac to reduce distraction


There never seems to be a shortage of apps that promote focusing on a single task, especially writing apps. And then you have hardware like the iPad, which forces you to focus on a single app at a time.

With the Mac, focusing has never been that easy, because multitasking is at its core.

HazeOver is a new Mac App Store utility that seeks to change the way we work on the Mac. By dimming background apps, it aims to help users focus on one app at a time by reducing distractions from surrounding apps. You can still have other apps open, they’ll just be dimmed in such a way that they’re less noticeable.

Does the idea work? Check out our video walkthrough for all of the details…. Read the rest of this post here

Review: HazeOver dims background apps on Mac to reduce distraction” is an article by iDownloadBlog.com.
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Turok Designer Starts Kickstarter to Fund a Graphic Novel

Turok senior designer Tim Lewinson has launched a Kickstarter campaign with three other creators for a graphic novel involving dinosaur mayhem.

Described as “Jurassic Park meets Black Hawk Down,” Savage Empire tells the story of a disaster-torn west coast after a series of earthquakes causes massive amounts of destruction and portals to appear and allow passage to all manner of destructive prehistoric beasts.


The book is planned to be 64 pages in length, and a full script has already been completed. According to the team, they need the Kickstarter funding to help get the book illustrated and colored. An 8-page prologue is available for backers who contribute a minimum of $25.

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