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Spy Debuts as Number 1 Movie; Entourage Opens Weak

While HBO hoped to win over audiences with a film revival of its popular show Entourage, it was competing comedy Spy that ruled the North American box office.

The Paul Feig-directed James Bond spoof, starring Melissa McCarthy, Jason Statham, Jude Law and Rose Byrne, took home $30 million. Spy eclipsed Entourage, which fell short of expectations with $10.4 million for the weekend and a five-day launch total of $17.8 million (it opened Wednesday), according to The Hollywood Reporter. It’s likely that Warner Bros. and HBO Films hoped to mimic the success of the 2008 Sex and the City movie, which opened to $58 million.

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App Watch: Instapaper, Fantastical, Reminders Nano


I’m getting more and more accustomed to have Apple Watch integrate into my daily life, and it’s excellent. I love its subtle taps and fitness tracking, as well as the style of it and the positive attention that brings from people I meet.

The search for great Apple Watch apps continues, and developers are certainly doing amazing things with this little device…. Read the rest of this post here

App Watch: Instapaper, Fantastical, Reminders Nano” is an article by iDownloadBlog.com.
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How to watch WWDC keynote live on Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Windows, Linux and Android

WWDC 2015 banner

As you know, Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference kicks off tomorrow with a State of the Union-like keynote address. WWDC is the most important event for the Apple community as it gives a sneak peak at how the firm plans to woo app developers in the year.

The 26th summer event runs from June 8 through June 12 at San Francisco’s Moscone West, where CEO Tim Cook will share the stage Monday morning along with other company executives to deliver latest advances concerning iOS, OS X and Watch OS platforms.

iDownloadBlog, the biggest name in jailbreaking, doesn’t get invited to Apple events. Not to worry: we’ll be providing a remote live coverage of the two-hour long presentation and following up with related tidbits throughout the day so you don’t miss a thing.

Apple will be providing a live stream through the Apple Events webpage on its website, using the new familiar weblog-like layout.

Although the official live stream is limited to Mac, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Apple TV devices, you can enjoy it on other platforms, too. Without further ado, here’s a quick tutorial on what you’ll need to watch the keynote live on both Apple devices and non-Apple platforms like Windows, Linux and Android…. Read the rest of this post here

How to watch WWDC keynote live on Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Windows, Linux and Android” is an article by iDownloadBlog.com.
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Amazon Hiring for ‘Ambitious New PC Game Project’

Amazon Game Studios has announced it’s seeking out qualified individuals to join its growing development team, which is currently working on an “ambitious” new title for PC.

According to Amazon’s job post on Gamasutra, the studio is looking to build a “team of top talent for an ambitious new PC game project using the latest technology,” noting the crew is currently comprised of “former Portal, World of Warcraft and BioShock creators.”

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Best GTA 5 Mods of the Week – Episode 5

It’s been almost two months since Grand Theft Auto 5 came out on PC and modders are still finding ways to make the experience new, different, more exciting, or just plain stupid.

From grappling hooks to terrifying shark-dogs, here are our favorite Grand Theft Auto 5 mods of the week.

Los Santos turned Raccoon City? Not exactly. Still, if you feel the need to mow down the undead in Grand Theft Auto 5, there’s always the Grand Theft Zombies mod from GTZDevs.

Take note, this is an extremely early version of the mod, so the zombies (which are really just clones of the Vinewood Zombie cosplayer) probably won’t be as exciting as they should.

All mods have to start somewhere though, so it’s one to keep an eye on if you’re a zombie fan.

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