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Fake Websites Reveal the Complete Jurassic Park Timeline

Jurassic World opens with a fully-operational theme park, but it doesn’t spend much time explaining how the park came to be following the Jurassic Park disaster.

It’s really the story of InGen, the bio-engineering company founded by John Hammond in 1985. Below is a rough timeline of how InGen regrouped following the Isla Nubar catastrophe, attracted investors, and developed the technology that made Jurassic World possible. Most of the information can be found by digging around the fake sites set up for the Masrani Corporation and Jurassic World.

June: Dr. John Hammond assembles a group of leading scientists in key disciplines to evaluate his latest venture, a theme park containing dinosaurs. The events of Jurassic Park occur.

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PlayStation Network Experiencing Outages

Sony’s PlayStation Network is currently offline, with users reporting issues with logging into the service.

“You may be experiencing issues related to signing in or creating an account on PlayStation®Network,” according to the network’s official status page. “We appreciate your patience while we address this.”

The outage appears to be affecting account management, gaming and social, PlayStation Now, Video, Vue, and the PlayStation Store services, with the most recent update coming at 10:15 pm PDT on Friday, July 12.

The Ask PlayStation Twitter account has not responded with an update on the outage.

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Defiance: Season 3 Premiere Review

Warning: full episode spoilers follow.

Just a couple notes to start things off. Since SyFy aired the first two episodes of Defiance Season 3 as a more or less contiguous movie, I’m reviewing them both together. As with last season, I probably won’t be doing weekly reviews, but I may check in periodically and will definitely revisit the show at the end of the season.

Last year’s finale ended with three major cliffhangers. In terms of the larger Defiance universe, the most significant was that Irisa (controlled by the artificial intelligence known as the Kaziri) destroyed New York City, decimating the Earth Republic and one of the largest population centers left on this post-apocalyptic world. Irisa and her adoptive father, Nolan, were left sealed in a life pod and buried alive underneath the rubble of the McCawley mines. Meanwhile, Rafe McCawley found himself untied with the Tarr family as they hunted down his unstable ex-wife, Pilar, and their kidnapped children. All told, it was plenty of good setup for the new season. But with Season 2 so often failing to take advantage of its own story potential, there was no guarantee Season 3 would be any better. Luckily, there’s more cause to be optimistic this year.

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Star Wars Special Effects Company Making VR Experiences

Industrial Light & Magic – the company behind Star Wars’ famous special effects – has formed a new group to make immersive, story-based experiences in virtual reality and other mediums.

Called the ILM Experience Lab (ILMxLAB), the division will combine talent from Lucasfilm, Skywalker Sound, and ILM for projects in VR, augmented reality, real-time cinema, theme park entertainment, and “narrative-based experiences for future platforms.”

No concrete projects have been announced yet, but the studio’s launch video below, which shows off a real-time, user-created scene on Tatooine, gives us a glimpse at what could come.

ILM President and Lucasfilm Executive VP Lynwen Brennan told The Hollywood Reporter new Star Wars content will come to mass-market VR goggles, though “the initial, most high-end experiences will be in the

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Joker and Harley Quinn Aren’t the Only Reason to Get Excited for Suicide Squad

There has been a surge of enthusiasm for Warner Bros’ upcoming DC Comics movie Suicide Squad and it’s all thanks to the inclusion of two Batman villains — the Joker and Harley Quinn. Between official images of the Joker’s new look and Harley posing with the Squad, plus an inordinate amount of fuzzy set photos, the Internet has been going bonkers for these two crazy characters. But if people only knew what to expect from a Suicide Squad movie, they’d be even more excited.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty to get pumped for with Joker and Harley. Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger’s Jokers were classic performances that wowed crowds and did Batman’s number-one nemesis justice, so there’s a painful amount of anticipation to see what Jared Leto will do with his take on the Clown Prince of Crime. Harley has a wild, passionate fanbase and a best-selling comic book, so seeing her in a movie has been a long time coming. The two are known for their unsettling, antagonistic romance that sees them hating, hurting, and loving each other in equal measure. It’s a cool combo of iconic characters, for sure, but believe it or not, they have nothing to do with the original Suicide Squad concept.

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Lucas, McKellen and Jackson Salute Christopher Lee

Tributes have been pouring for actor Christopher Lee — who passed away this week at the age of 93 — from those who worked with him on the Star Wars and Middle-earth franchises.

George Lucas, who cast Lee as Count Dooku in the latter two installments of his Star Wars prequel trilogy, said in a statement, “Christopher was a great British actor of the old school. A true link to cinema’s past and a real gentleman. We will miss him.”

Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy said:  “Christopher brought a grace and gravitas to the many roles he’s played over a rich and expansive career. His performance as Count Dooku in Episodes II and III remains a highlight of the Star Wars saga, and we have been so privileged and honored to count him among our family. Christopher was a gentle soul and deeply adored by fans, and we will miss him dearly.”

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Origin EON15-S Review

Just like Sir Mix-a-Lot professed his adoration for large backsides back in the day, we have to admit we’ve always felt the same way about PC with big GPUs. (We like big cores and we cannot lie, with a lot of transistors on a 28nm die.)

That’s pretty much the only spec that matters when shopping for a gaming laptop (we’d take it over a faster CPU any day, for example), and it’s the star of the show in the revamped Origin EON15-S laptop. This burly 15-inch desktop replacement sports Nvidia’s GTX 980M, which is currently the fastest mobile gaming chip available. Other specs of note include an Intel Core i7 CPU, a PCI Express-based M.2 SSD for the OS and a 1TB hybrid hard drive for data, and 802.11 AC Wi-Fi.

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Why The Sandman Movie is Taking So Long

It was the end of 2013 when we first heard Joseph Gordon-Levitt was working on a movie adaptation of the acclaimed Neil Gaiman DC/Vertigo comic book, The Sandman. Gordon-Levitt’s producing the film and is said to be starring and directing in it, making it in conjunction with both Gaiman and David S. Goyer (the Blade and Dark Knight trilogies), and with Jack Thorne writing the screenplay.

When I spoke to Gordon-Levitt recently for the second season of his TV series, HitRecord on TV, I asked him about the progress of Sandman – noting I was a big fan of the source material.

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We Talk Jurassic World, Joker, Jackman and Jedi

Download Keepin’ it Reel, Episode 291!


Welcome back to Keepin’ It Reel! In this week’s podcast, Jim Vejvoda and Roth Cornet bring you the latest in genre movie news.

This week’s topics include Star Wars, Wolverine 3, Doctor Strange, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2, the Big Trouble in Little China remake, and more. We also share our thoughts on the enduring popularity of the Joker, as well as the passing of screen legend Christopher Lee.

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