LEGO Jurassic World Review

LEGOs and dinosaurs: somehow it’s taken well over three decades for those two great childhood pastimes to join together in an interactive on-screen adventure. Life finds a way, however, and the two elements are together in a package that may not be the best LEGO-branded adventure, but one that still brings enough to entertain over the course of four fast-but-fun campaigns. The format of this puzzle-focused adventure is as old as dinosaurs — developer TT Games has used this formula more than 20 times since 2005’s LEGO Star Wars — but like the pre-historic creatures themselves, there’s still a ton of charm.

Anything in the world that’s made out of LEGO bricks that isn’t one of the 100-plus playable characters can be broken into studs to be spent on bonuses or rebuilt within the environment to progress further in the world. Anyone who’s uttered a line in a Jurassic Park movie can be unlocked eventually, from Ian Malcolm and that annoying kid at the raptor dig site to the dino-wrangling, motorbike-riding Owen Grady and, awesomely, Mr. DNA himself. Unlike most LEGO adventures where characters have distinct weapons or superpowers, LEGO Jurassic World’s suite of skills are a little more subdued; paleontologists can dig, zoologists aren’t afraid to dive into piles of dino-dung, and hunters can set off targets from afar. It’s mostly well balanced, though it’s weird to see the meek husband-and-wife couple who funded Jurassic Park III’s expedition using a grappling hook and gymnastic moves. Also, why are the only characters with scream-based powers women? There’s been plenty of screaming men in Jurassic Park films.

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