Scream: Series Premiere Review

Debuting Tuesday night, MTV’s Scream takes a specific tactic as far as using a familiar franchise title. It’s not a continuation of the story from the movies, nor is it a TV remake, exactly, as it involves different characters, location and backstory from the films. Instead, it takes the Fargo-esque approach of attempting to emulate the tone and vibe of the movie its based on, without being about the same people. Suffice to say, the quality between this show and Fargo aren’t quite the same… Though it remains to be seen if it will pull the Fargo move of having a secret story tie-in to the movie at some point be revealed.

Regardless, Scream certainly wants to remind you of the original movie. The opening sequence, featuring Bella Thorne, is quite explicitly meant to visually evoke the Drew Barrymore sequence in Scream, as a high school girl, home alone in her big house (with plenty of large windows!), finds herself watched and being contacted — texts in place of phone calls these days, naturally — by someone. And then things go very badly for her. It’s an entertaining sequence, mainly thanks to some “We’ve all been there” iPhone issues involving wet fingers and Siri mishearing you put into the middle of a horror scenario.

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