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Justice League: Gods and Monsters Review

If you know next to nothing about the story of Justice League: Gods and Monsters, DC’s latest animated movie, then stop right now and go watch it. It’s a story about an alternate universe where Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are re-envisioned as much more violent and brutal characters with different origins, so the fun of watching Gods and Monsters comes from seeing it all unfold before your eyes, taking the familiar and twisting it into something fresh, exciting, and decidedly dark.

The story sees Superman (son of Zod), Batman (a vampire), and Wonder Woman (now a New God instead of an Amazon) policing the world as the Justice League, but this version of the team is feared by the public and heavily criticized by the media. And not without good reason.

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Earthbound Beginnings Review

Within five minutes of starting Earthbound Beginnings, my baby sister’s kewpie doll came to life and tried to kill me, a hippie accosted me on a country road, and my father revealed that I was heir to an ancient reservoir of psychic power. This long-lost predecessor to the classic SNES RPG Earthbound (also known as Mother in its native Japan) doubles down on a charming commitment to weirdness from the very first moments, and the resulting unpredictability unfolds into an engaging, entertaining story that eschews traditional high-fantasy RPG archetypes. Unfortunately, the whimsical tone is paired with a downright painful reliance on near-endless random battles that lock much of that fun behind walls of tedious grinding.

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Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation Review

Rogue Nation is only the fifth Mission Impossible movie in close to 20 years. On occasion, the series has flirted with the idea of continuity, introducing supporting characters and love interests for Ethan Hunt, but for the most part the films have always felt like one-shots – opportunities for Tom Cruise to do increasingly crazy stuff on camera. By that token, Rogue Nation succeeds, with Cruise once again defying the odds in spectacular fashion, but it fails to build on the events of Ghost Protocol.

Early on, it seems that’s the goal. The film opens with Cruise, Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames, and Jeremy Renner in action, working as a team. (Paula Patton follows Thandie Newton and Maggie Q to become another one of the series’ forgotten female characters.) And what follows is an interesting set-up for the rest of the movie. Ethan Hunt has clearly become a legend within the IMF, but governmental officials have begun to question not only the psychology of the long-serving agent – there must be something wrong with this man – but also the methodology of his organisation. Should the government be backing operations with such a low chance of success? Post-Snowden, the IMF is an embarrassment.

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The Vatican Tapes Review

It is by no means essential that an audience care for the characters on screen in a movie, but if you want your audience invested in what happens to the characters it certainly helps. Put another way, if the audience forms a relationship with the characters, the audience will care more. This does not occur in The Vatican Tapes, Mark Neveldine’s new film about a young woman possessed by a malevolent spirit.

After a brief opening where we see a video of this woman, Angela (Olivia Dudley), possessed, the story goes back in time to show us how this horrific event began. We only spend the briefest amount of time with Angela before things begin to rapidly go downhill. While these moments are long enough to establish basic facts about who she is—a woman celebrating her birthday with her boyfriend, Pete (John Patrick Amedori), a man who is not liked by her army officer father, Roger (Dougray Scott)—we never form a connection with her.

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Dominion: “The Narrow Gate” Review

Warning: full episode spoilers follow.

There’s a clear trend developing with this second season of Dominion. The show remains divided among three separate storylines set in three vastly different cities. One of those three storylines is lagginjg pretty far behind the others. And while the good certainly outweighs the bad right now, it’s a little frustrating that this season isn’t more consistent in its execution.

Let’s get the bad out of the way first. The Vega conflict is still lagging well behind the rest of the show. Early on, at least the Vega scenes were still able to coast on the strength of Anthony Head’s performance. But Head’s deliciously twisted David Whele has dropped out of the picture for now, thereby placing all the emphasis on Claire and her efforts to root out a cell of rebel terrorists. Unfortunately, actress Roxanne McKee hasn’t been able to shoulder the burden. I mostly blame the writing, which gives her precious little to work with. Claire is cold, needlessly hostile, and a far cry from the troubled but well-meaning leader she was in Season 1.

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Honda announces CarPlay support for 2016 Accord

honda 1

Honda on Thursday debuted the 2016 Accord at its research facility in Mountain View. While car makers typically reserve new car unveilings for major auto shows, Honda says that it chose the location to highlight the role Silicon Valley is playing in the industry.

The ninth-generation Accord features a thorough refresh for 2016, with a big focus on technology. All EX and above models will include a Display Audio infotainment system with a 7-inch touchscreen display and support for both CarPlay and Android Auto platforms…. Read the rest of this post here

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Apple working on TV remote with built-in fingerprint sensor

fingerprint remote

The US Patent and Trademark Office on Thursday published three patent applications from Apple relating to biometric input devices. As noted by AppleInsider, all the filings mention a device with a built-in fingerprint sensor that could be used in a future TV remote.

It’s not hard to imagine the biometric possibilities of a remote control for a TV or set-top box. The device would be able to identify users—paving the way for custom profiles, settings and parental controls—and could support multi-finger shortcuts and simple gestures…. Read the rest of this post here

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Southpaw Review

It’s a tale as old as Wallace Berry’s The Champ, the story of a prizefighter who falls from grace and seeks a shot at redemption. Jake Gyllenhaal is the latest in a long line of actors to step into the ring for a boxing movie, and his turn in Southpaw is a forceful, though at times sluggish, two hours of drama. Director Antoine Fuqua (Training Day) has clearly put a lot of care into the fictional story of Junior Middleweight Champion Billy “The Great” Hope, even if Kurt Sutter (Sons of Anarchy) and Richard Wenk’s (The Mechanic) script rarely deviates from the comeback formula.

As the film begins, Billy Hope (Gyllenhaal) demolishes another boxing opponent, thus maintaining his record-breaking title. But his headstrong wife Maureen (Rachel McAdams) worries that if Billy keeps fighting the way he does he’ll sustain severe, irreparable brain damage. Very quickly, we see that Billy’s greatest weakness is his defiance and reckless behavior, which he’ll need to overcome both in and out of the ring.

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Could this be a front panel for iPhone 6s?

iPhone 6s front panel NowhereElse leak 001

According to the rumor-mill, Apple’s suppliers have recently begun volume production of key components for the upcoming iPhones, such as an Apple-designed ‘A9’ processor and chassis. These parts will be soon, or already are, all over the place in Asia so little wonder we’re now starting to see first component leaks.

The leakage kicked off with a claimed rear housing which has seemingly confirmed minuscule changes to the interior and a stronger body. The leaks now continue with a photo of a rumored front panel of the ‘iPhone 6s,’ published Thursday by French blog NowhereElse.fr…. Read the rest of this post here

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Sharknado 4 Announced

The blood has barely dried from the last Sharknado attack, and already another storm is brewing.

Syfy and The Asylum announced today that Sharknado 4 will come out in July 2016. Fans will influence a plot point for the sequel, as Syfy is leaving it up to those at home to vote on whether April Wexler (Tara Reid) will live or die after the events of Sharknado 3. You can vote by either visiting the official site or by using the Twitter hashtag #AprilLives or #AprilDies.

Syfy boasted that Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! received two billion Twitter impressions, double the number of Sharknado 2: The Second One. For the sake of comparison, it claims this meant more Twitter activity than the final season of Mad Men, the last season of The Bachelor, and the Hillary Clinton presidential announcement.

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