F1 2015 PC Review

Context is everything in annualized sports sims. What was last year’s version like? What does the new one have? What are my other options right now? If F1 2015’s PC version were free of context, it would simply be forgettable licensed racing game that I could recommend to fans of Formula 1 racing. But it’s not. F1 2015 is the sixth installment of Codemasters’ Formula 1 series, and unfortunately it is one of their most feature-poor and PC-unfriendly releases in years.

Let’s dig into some of that context, and talk about where I’m coming from with this review of the PC version. While the series is meant for everyone from casual racing fans to gearheads, I’ve always treated the PC versions as a place to drive a serious racing sim. It gets pretty nerdy: I’ve played every version using a TrackIR head-tracking device and a force-feedback wheel.And while there have been years when Codemasters’ improvements were too marginal to justify the cost of a new game, I’ve generally loved this series.

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