Halle Berry Tells Fans to Speak Up if They Want a Storm Movie

Halle Berry says she’d love to do a Storm solo movie, but the fans need to speak up if they want it.

“In a heartbeat I would do a Storm movie”, Berry said in an interview with Deadline. “I love that character through and through. So if that ever became an opportunity for me if it’s before I’m 65-years old I would absolutely do that.”

“If the fans want that the fans need to speak up and I’m sure it would be a possibility. If Fox felt like they could make money off of a Storm movie I’m sure they would do it.”

While a Storm solo movie doesn’t gel particularly well with the current X-Men cinematic timeline, there’s certainly opportunities to jump back and forth into the past and present considering the foundations laid in the first two X-Men films (not the third. Never the third).

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