Massive Anime Expo Cosplay Gallery

Each year, Anime Expo proves to be one of the marquee destinations for cosplay in the US, and 2015 is no exception.  AX attendees showed once again that they are some of the most skilled and dedicated cosplayers around.

With diverse cosplay from anime, video games, movies and TV shows, AX 2015 had a little something for everyone. In addition to anime cosplay galore, we saw Sly Cooper, Solid Snake, a Big Sister, Harley Quinn, Yoshimitsu, Servbot, a handful of War Boys, groups of roaming Borderlands vault hunters… even a guy dressed as the wireframe Little Mac from the arcade Punchout.

We couldn’t captured everyone who was dressed up, but take a look at the massive slideshow below to see a sampling of the excellent cosplay on hand at this year’s event!

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