Trainwreck Review

In the last year or so, Amy Schumer has blown up in popularity thanks to her sketch comedy series on Comedy Central. It’s no surprise that the comedienne landed her own movie, which she wrote herself and Judd Apatow directed. But while Schumer’s TV show is known for its pointed, raunchy sense of humor, her movie Trainwreck, while definitely funny, doesn’t shake up the romantic comedy formula as much as it thinks it does. Still, there’s plenty to enjoy here thanks to Schumer’s winning performance, as well as a talented ensemble cast.

In Trainwreck, Schumer plays Amy, a magazine writer who lives by a simple credo: Monogamy isn’t realistic. And for awhile that goes pretty well for her, but soon she finds herself falling for the subject of the new article she’s writing, a charming sports doctor named Aaron Conners (played by Bill Hader). After resisting commitment all her life, Amy starts dating Aaron exclusively and begins to wonder if settling down isn’t the worst thing after all — even if it does go against everything she was raised to believe.

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