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How to Change the Icons/Theme on Your Android Device

Now that you’ve learned to change your Android device’s home screen launcher, you can take the customizing of Android one step further by adding a custom theme for that launcher to change the icons for apps, skin the device, change the wallpaper, etc.

Just like with the custom launcher scene, there’s no shortage of themes (and some are pretty popular). From making your Android device resemble all of the other operating systems (from Windows Phone to Blackberry to iOS), to giving your device a much more cartoony look, there’s no limit getting your device to look the way you really want it to look.

Ready to try a few? Here’s how.

I. Setup a New Launcher

1. Head to my How to Change the Home Screen Launcher tutorial, complete it, then return here to continue. Keep in mind when looking for a launcher to theme, that the more popular the launcher, the more themes will be available for it (as not all themes are compatible with all launchers).

II. Download the Theme You Want

1. Open the Play Store.

2. Search for the name of your launcher followed by the word “theme” (i.e. Apex theme, Nova theme, etc.). Alternatively, you can add other words describing the theme to narrow the search (i.e. Apex flat theme, Apex cartoon theme, Apex iPhone theme, etc.).

3. Once you find one you like, check its description to make sure it says it works for your theme, then click Install.

III. Select the Theme

1. Depending on your launcher, the option for themes might be in a different location, but for the most part, head to your launcher’s settings menu and look for theme there. Alternatively, some themes allow you to open them like a normal app and tap your launcher’s name from inside there to have it install automatically (but I find that this is just a place for really annoying ads most of the time).

2. From there, select the theme you downloaded and hit Apply. To undo a them, simply head to the theme settings in your launcher again and choose the default theme (or another theme).


Find any amazing themes? Share them in the comments below!


Here’s how to add location to photos and videos in Photos for Mac

With Photos for Mac, Apple pulled an iWork: that is, the re-imagining of how you should organize and manage your photos across devices originally wasn’t as feature-complete as the now phased-out iPhoto used to be. That’s especially the case if you consider the need to edit location for some photos in your library: it wasn’t before the OS […]



Microsoft Build 2016: Everything You Need to Know (Video)

While not the most celebrated or anticipated conference, Microsoft Build is still an important event. As an event for developers on Windows and Windows still being the most popular desktop operating system, the things announced at Microsoft’s Build event have some impact.

While it is a 3 day long event – that can actually be live streamed in it’s entirety – I figured I’d grab some of the most important announcements and condense them into an easier to digest video and bulleted list. From bots and a new age for Cortana, the Microsoft virtual assistant, to big changes for Skype and even Xbox being able to run Windows apps, check it out and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Anniversary Update

  • Biometrics for all apps
  • Windows Ink
  • Comes to Xbox and Holo Lens

Windows Ink

  • Cortana can grab words contextually and then use them to set reminders, edit
  • Rulers from the other hand can be controlled with two fingers to rotate and one to position, then you can use it to straighten lines
  • Ink drawn on a map can calculate distance, can record elevation so it is 3D when rotated
  • Crossing out words or paragraphs will erase them, highlighting can be straightened

Universal Apps

  • New Universal apps that will work on Xbox, Windows Desktop and Windows Phone
  • Bash shell from Ubuntu linux binaries running on Windows
  • Desktop app converter to convert existing desktop app from 32 bit or DotNet to a new universal app


  • Xbox Dev Mode – Convert retail Xbox to Dev Kit with an app
  • Single store for Xbox, Windows and Windows Phone
  • Cortana
  • New Features like Background Music, new features announced at E3 in June

Holo Lens

  • Shipping to Windows Developers Now for $3000

Cortana and Bots

  • Cortana understands more context
  • Bots are apps that can communicate with you through text in a conversational way
  • Cortana can help you communicate with bots by recommending one when you need it and handing you off to it
  • Available on all your devices (Android, iOS, Windows, etc.)
  • Cortana can see emails and help grab documents and send them to contacts with a sentence (“Send Ben the powerpoint I was working on last night”)
  • Cortana wants to monitor your activities to learn how you operate and then preemptively offer help (“Would you like me to add the taxi ride you took last night to your upcoming expense report that is due soon?”)


  • Video mail new look
  • Cortana is in Skype chats
  • She’ll highlight text to try and improve your conversation (i.e. highlight a company name within your chat automatically and have that bring up a card containing info on the company)
  • She can privately message you and broker your conversations between you and bots (like a real personal assistant) with info from bots (“I just received a message from the Cups and Cakes Bot. They have a package and would like to know your location for delivery. Should I share it?)
  • Grabs info from other chats and will use that later to help you (you mention a trip it offers the Westin Bot to help book it).
  • Knows who you talk to so might offer to ask you if you want to reach out to a friend that she knows lives in the location you are about to travel to then prepare a message with info taken from your other conversations about the trip (i.e. she knows you’re going to Dublin from the 1st to the 3rd and asks you if you want to message a friend that lives in Dublin with the message “Hi Janny, I’m going to be in Dublin between the 1st and 3rd. Would love to catch up!
  • Intelligence like this in real time into videos is coming as well
  • Developers can access the Skype Bot SDK right now
  • Skype consumers can access bots right now as well in their Windows, iOS, and Android apps.
  • Skype for Holo Lens released as well

There you go a quick overview of everything announced at Microsoft Build 2016. Let me know what you guys think in the comments below!

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These five well-known iPhone apps are some of the worst battery hogs

Have you ever wondered about the top battery hogs on the App Store? We all know the mobile Facebook app is notorious for its background fetching, which in combination with location tracking consumes a lot of power, but did you know Twitter just as easily rips through your iPhone’s battery life while you’re using it? ZDNet has […]



Tip: turn off location-based ads on iPhone and iPad

People who diligently manage apps that are permitted to use their location on the iPhone and iPad may still see the purple Location Services icon in the iOS status bar, indicating something is continuing to use their location—most likely location-based ads which are enabled by default. This post shows you how to prevent Apple’s iAds platform from tracking your location, which will stop…



11 System Preferences tricks every Mac owner should know

System Preferences, a built-in OS X application analogous to Settings on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, lets you customize the Mac to your liking. You can, for example, adjust the size and location of the Dock, change your desktop background, set your computer’s clock to a different time zone, add or remove user accounts, dive deep into network settings and […]



Dark Souls Being Added to Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

The first Dark Souls is being added as a Xbox One backwards compatible game, according to the Australian Xbox Store.

What’s more, the listing (which you can view by setting your store location to AU) states that those who digitally pre-order Dark Souls 3 will get access to Dark Souls on Xbox One for free.

Players who pre-order will get a code for the original game sent to their Xbox message center within 7 to 10 days. The window suggests that the game could be coming to Xbox One within the next week.

The game has yet to be officially announced for Xbox One backwards compatibility and the pre-order bonus is not live on the US Xbox Store. We’ve reached out to Bandai Namco for comment and will update the story if we hear anything back.

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Up Close With Five Nights At Freddy’s Play Sets From McFarlane

McFarlane Toys and Scott Cawthon, the creator of Five Nights At Freddy’s, have teamed up to create construction sets based off of locations seen in the game.

The current sets focus on Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria from the original Five Nights At Freddy’s, with The Office, the Show Stage, Backstage and Pirate Cove as build-able locations, but they also feature character figures of Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy.

We got to see the new construction sets up close at Toy Fair 2016 – click right for more images:

The Show Stage alone is said to feature more than 300 pieces to be assembled, and each separate room is designed to be combined with the others, “to build the camera map from the game.” To ensure authenticity, McFarlane had every location approved and character approved by Scott Cawthorn before the prototypes seen above were even produced.

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