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12 Monkeys: Season 2 Premiere Review

Note: Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

12 Monkeys is back, and yes, it’s as trippy and twisty as ever. Am I crazy to even try to parse out meaning in the opening, when the narrator (Madeleine Stowe!) says “This is A story about how the world ends” instead of “This is THE story about how the world ends”? Three words in to Season 2, and I’m already overthinking. Actually, I loved the simplicity of the recap: 12 Monkeys as a children’s bedtime story, focusing not on the questions about the Red Forest and the whys and hows of time travel and who did what when, but on the emotional core of the series. Cole and Cassie, and how she awakened his humanity.

“The Year of the Monkey” picks up pretty much where we left off last year. After sending a wounded Cassie to Dr. Jones in 2043, he’s somehow altered history by saving Ramse instead of leaving him to die. At least, according to the Witness, who told Olivia and the rest of the Army that Ramse is supposed to have died already. But could it be possible that The Witness lied about that for… time reasons? Whatever the case is, we still don’t know what, if any, impact Ramse’s still being alive has had on the timeline, but Olivia is so over it. Ramse’s “cycle is over” and she wants him dead. Getting spoilers from the Witness makes it hard to watch life unfold in real time, I guess.

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How to Change the Keyboard on an Android Device

So it has occurred to me that a lot of people don’t realize the extent of which you can customize an Android device. From the home screen launcher, to the theme, to the phone dialer/messaging/email app, the list is endless. It’s one of the beauties of Android –total freedom to replace what you don’t like with some developer’s better attempt.

It’s the sheer number of people I’ve met that are still using TouchWiz and cursing at it that has brought me to think that it warrants a small series of videos here on the site (if not a PSA blasted across the country) on how to get the most out of the customization options of Android. So here goes.

To start this off, let’s begin with one of the first things I do when getting a new Android device –the keyboard. It’s the fastest way for me to get a sense of familiarity and it is the first thing that annoys me about a lot of manufacturer’s custom interfaces (just like how you’ve come to learn the layout of the keyboard for most computers, I’ve come to get used to a specific way I want my Android keyboard. Thanks, conditioning!).

If you type “keyboard” into the Play Store, you’ll be presented with a lot of interesting options for replacements. There’s ones that allow you to swipe the keys to form words, ones with unconventional keys with multiple letters per key that guess the letter you actually want, ones in crazy colors and styles, and most have a lot more customization options than the one your manufacturer thought you’d like.

Swapping out the keyboard is a lot like downloading any other app; find the keyboard you want from the Play Store and install it. The difference is that you need to set it up after downloading it. And although some will walk you through this process when you install the keyboard, not all do so it’s probably best to know how to do it manually regardless. Here’s how:

I. Download the New Keyboard

1. Open the Play Store.

2. Search for “keyboard”.

3. Choose a keyboard you want to try and install it.

II. Setup the New Keyboard

1. Go to Settings > Language and Input (this might be called something else depending on your device, but look for something that might contain keyboard settings).

2. Check the box next to the new keyboard name to enable it.

3. Tap on Default and then choose the new keyboard to set it as the default keyboard.

4. Open any app that has typing in it, and tap in the text field. The new keyboard should pop up.

Find any amazing keyboards? Share them in the comments below!


How to Change the Icons/Theme on Your Android Device

Now that you’ve learned to change your Android device’s home screen launcher, you can take the customizing of Android one step further by adding a custom theme for that launcher to change the icons for apps, skin the device, change the wallpaper, etc.

Just like with the custom launcher scene, there’s no shortage of themes (and some are pretty popular). From making your Android device resemble all of the other operating systems (from Windows Phone to Blackberry to iOS), to giving your device a much more cartoony look, there’s no limit getting your device to look the way you really want it to look.

Ready to try a few? Here’s how.

I. Setup a New Launcher

1. Head to my How to Change the Home Screen Launcher tutorial, complete it, then return here to continue. Keep in mind when looking for a launcher to theme, that the more popular the launcher, the more themes will be available for it (as not all themes are compatible with all launchers).

II. Download the Theme You Want

1. Open the Play Store.

2. Search for the name of your launcher followed by the word “theme” (i.e. Apex theme, Nova theme, etc.). Alternatively, you can add other words describing the theme to narrow the search (i.e. Apex flat theme, Apex cartoon theme, Apex iPhone theme, etc.).

3. Once you find one you like, check its description to make sure it says it works for your theme, then click Install.

III. Select the Theme

1. Depending on your launcher, the option for themes might be in a different location, but for the most part, head to your launcher’s settings menu and look for theme there. Alternatively, some themes allow you to open them like a normal app and tap your launcher’s name from inside there to have it install automatically (but I find that this is just a place for really annoying ads most of the time).

2. From there, select the theme you downloaded and hit Apply. To undo a them, simply head to the theme settings in your launcher again and choose the default theme (or another theme).


Find any amazing themes? Share them in the comments below!


Hasbro Taboo Buzzd Game for $3.98 + pickup at Toys"R"Us

Toys”R”Us offers Hasbro Taboo Buzzd Game for $3.98. Opt for in-store pickup to avoid the $5.99 shipping charge. That’s a buck under last month’s mention and the lowest price we’ve seen. (It’s a current low by $6.) In this game, players get teammates to guess their word without saying any words on the “taboo” list. It requires three AAA batteries (not included).